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Learn how to start an office cleaning or janitorial service from a recognized industry leader and expert – Gary Clipperton President, National Pro Clean Corp.


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Here is a sample of the material you will master in the Janitorial Startup/Expansion Program...



  • Six tips on prospecting – what types of accounts are best
  • How to get on bid lists
  • Developing a marketing plan (12 steps)
  • Sales tips to get accounts
  • How to build credibility
  • How to make presentations (5 steps)
  • How to organize your marketing approach (7 tips)
  • Sales training – How to be a pro (19 steps)
  • Making cold calls easy Telemarketing – Getting bids by telephone (47 points), Telephone strategy (15 tips),
  • Telemarketing overview – how to hire, train, and use successful telemarketers on straight commission (includes phone scripts)
  • How to present your bid (25 steps)
  • How to write your own brochures (26 steps)
  • Sales Anatomy – Putting it all together (20 points you will master in learning to close contracts)


  • Profit and mark up ratios
  • Understanding cleaning variables
  • Sizing up the job (5 steps)
  • Building Survey Form-calculates time to clean each area
  • Production rates for 14 categorized areas and necessary calculations
  • How to bid extra’s (19 items)
  • How to price any size building by the square foot – Comprehensive price chart
  • Diagrams, floor plans, time calculations, building layouts, labor charges and PROFITS on all types of buildings – General offices, computer companies, realtors, saving and loans, day care centers, churches, department stores, bowling alleys, auto dealers, health clubs,medical facilities, and auto parts stores
  • Cleaning time estimates for 77 different cleaning jobs
  • Maid service – specification sheet and pricing
  • Floor waxing survey & price list-Evaluates 7 variables on a scale of 1-10 to develop a score for production time & a price per square foot
  • Carpet Cleaning price list – Evaluates 7 variables on a scale of 1-5 to determine price per square foot
  • Nine steps to calculate bids for large buildings.
  • Bidding psychology
  • Government bids



  • Managing your accounts – 7 tips
  • Worker selection and training-16 tips
  • Time management -13 points
  • How to negotiate -13 steps
  • Nine costly management errors to avoid
  • Professional image & personal management – 21 tips
  • How to be successful – 20 pointers
  • Twelve steps in handling complaints
  • Worker evaluation scale – 27 areas for worker rating and improvement
  • Contractor rating scale
  • Quality control (26 pointers) – opinion surveys
  • Managing growth – 7 tips
  • Ten mistakes cleaning companies should avoid
  • Handling billings – Profit and Loss Statements, chart of accounts



  • List of materials needed
  • Ten areas to organize for janitorial cleaning
  • Professional speed cleaning guideline (12 points)
  • Carpet Restoration (19 steps)
  • Carpet cleaning comparisons
  • Floor care – types of floors and proper care
  • Buffing procedures (13 steps)
  • Speed waxing (18 steps)
  • Strip & wax techniques (11 steps)
  • Nine maintenance tips
  • Seven window washing techniques
  • Maid service, make ready, and home cleaning (18 tips)
  • Construction clean (9 steps)
  • Understanding the chemistry of cleaning
  • pH scale and cleaning formulas.



  • Audiotapes cover sales training, bidding, management and cleaning procedures
  • We share years of experience on what works and what doesn’t work
  • Learn from our mistakes and start or expand your business on a professional basis
  • Learn how to get more work than you ever dreamed
  • Organize your crews and earn a top income.
Here are some of the forms included for your use:
  • Square footage pricing guidelines (view general guidelines for various size buildings)
  • Telemarketing scripts
  • Account Acquisition Forms 3 ea.
  • Profit and Loss Statements
  • Supply checklist
  • Quality Control Inspection Forms (you have to inspect your buildings)
  • Building Survey forms (collect all the right data when hyou make a walk-thru)
  • Financial Goal setting spreadsheets
  • Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Work Rules
  • Harassment
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Smoking/Tobacco Use
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Substance Abuse Screening Consent and Release Form
  • Training Period Policy
  • Grievance Procedures
  • Grievance Action Form
  • Management/Employee Disciplinary Meeting
  • Progressive Discipline Policy
  • Violence in the Workplace Prevention Policy
  • Absenteeism and Tardiness
  • Confidentiality
  • Personal Vehicle Responsibility
  • Professional Conduct
  • Security
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”)
  • Safety Program
  • OSHA Blood borne Pathogens Act
  • OSHA Workplace Fire Safety
  • Equipment and Supply list
  • Contractor Rating Scale for Business Growth (how well are you managing your business)
  • Prospect Follow up (always have a reason to make a return phone call or email)
  • Pre-start interview (map out your strategy and find out the job details)
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey (how well are we doing)
  • On-the Job Training
  • Employee Performance Evaluation
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Employee/Daily Time Record
  • Commission Summary
  • Weekly Payroll RecordGet started on the right foot, or expand your present business with expert coaching. Learn all the secrets of starting your own successful janitorial service or office cleaning business. Why spend thousands for a franchise and still pay monthly fees?


Our program can ensure your success for only $300 for the version or $379 for the hard copy (free U.S. Priority Mail shipping). Check shopping cart for international or overnight shipping.

Don’t just purchase a book on cleaning and expect to learn it all. Instead, invest in a complete start up package along with a free mentor to coach you on how to succeed (that’s really worth $1,000-$2,000).


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Another FREE Bonus

What if you had a dashboard control center that helped you run your entire cleaning business?
One that tracked all of your marketing efforts, your bidding, billing, customer follow-up, employee payroll, expenses, profits, inventory, and even rated your business management progress.

Now you can have your free copy of Cleaning Managers Dashboard. This system is critical in ensuring you are paying attention to every aspect of running a successful cleaning business.  Jump ahead of your completion by tracking all the metrics that impact your bottom line.

Here is a look at under the hood of the control center, and below you will find a description of each of the 40+ pages. This Dashboard is an amazing way to keep your focus on all the critical issues that make you highly successful. It is sort of like having an insurance policy that literally protects you from mistakes and failure.

Just scroll down to view the contents

cmd_01 cmd_02 cmd_03

Short Description of the pages


Start-up checklist
This page contains a basic check list to help you start a new business.  It helps you organize the activities and tasks that must be accomplished to get your business up and running.  This worksheet becomes your master To-Do list.

Start-up Budget
This spreadsheet helps you project your start-up costs.  It also shows a pie chart to visualize your expenses.

Marketing Plan
The Marketing Plan helps you create and track detailed plans to expand your revenues by adding more customers.

The Prospects spreadsheet allows you to import a data list found at most public libraries.  This is especially helpful for direct mail and telemarketing to commercial accounts.

The Customer Relationship Management Follow up allows you to copy leads from the Prospects page, to develop a comprehensive follow-up program.

Marketing Tools
This page contains letters and email formats that can be copied and pasted into an email, or printed and mailed to your prospects.

Create Labels
Instructions on how to set up your mailing lists so the labels will print directly from the worksheets.

Other CRM's
This page shows links to other websites that offer free CRM programs, or a free trial.


A detailed spreadsheet that allows you to enter all of your business income and expenses to determine your current breakeven point.  Then, you project your desired income to determine how much profit must be added to each job.  Once you enter the desired gross billing rate, the spreadsheet will also show how much a square foot to charge.

$ Calc for carpet
This pricing form can be taken to any job.  It allows you to view and rate all the common difficulty variables that will affect the job time, and the production rate.
By determining your desired overhead and profit, and adding it to the total, the spreadsheet calculates the price per square foot to charge on each commercial job.

$ Calc for floors
This pricing form can be taken to any job.  It allows you to view and rate all the common difficulty variables that will affect the job time, and the production rate.
By determining your desired overhead and profit, and adding it to the total, the spreadsheet calculates the price per square foot to charge on each commercial job.

Large Bids
This form allows you to enter the dimensions of each area for a large commercial facility.
Then, you enter a Difficulty score and the spreadsheet prints out a detailed price list for you and the customer.

A handy estimate or proposal form that can be used to quote jobs.

Price Tracking
This spreadsheet allows you to track all proposals from the $ Calc estimate sheet.  Once you enter the job time, the spreadsheet shows your production rate and gross earnings per hour.

This page allows you to collect pricing information from other cleaning companies, and view the price comparisons.  It becomes a great tool to evaluate the competition.

Bid/no bid
A handy check list to help identify if you have the resources to handle an extra-large bid.


Weekly Schedule
Allows you to enter the work schedule each week for all of your jobs.  It tracks the jobs, the dollar amounts, job details, and links to a map. It also shows a graph of your weekly earnings compared to your goal for the week.

2-3 Van Schedule
Allows you to enter the work schedule for all jobs each week and for up to three vans.

Work Order
This form can serve as a job ticket for each job.
It is best used to describe in detail, the exact job.  It can be turned back in, to verify the work has been completed, and to serve as salary earnings that are due to the worker.

Creates an Invoice that totals the job price, and can be mailed, or emailed to the customer to request payment. This spreadsheet allows you to create a master with your company info, and then duplicate it as many times as desired.  You can automatically fill in the customer info with a copy and paste function, and also sort to locate any Invoice in the system.

Weekly Hours
This spreadsheet allows you to enter the weekly hours for each worker.  It automatically calculates how many hours for the week are projected per worker.

Job Summary
Allows you to record job billing amounts, notes about each job, and track the follow-up date for call-backs.

Allows you to record each phone call for re-works, problems, call-backs, or complaints.  Track the reasons by worker, and resolve challenges to improve future results.

Allows you to track all of your equipment including purchase date, vendor, current location, repairs, parts, replacement date and overall rating.

Chemical usage
Keep track of all of your cleaning products to know how much you use each month, and the total cost.

Keep accurate records of all suppliers or vendors where you purchase your equipment and chemicals. Tracks pricing and contact info.


Helps keep track of all employees with the important information for each worker.

Time Cards
These cards can be used for employees to record the hours they have worked each week.

Payroll Calculator
Calculates the gross and net pay for each employee.

Employee Taxes
Calculates exact payroll deductions in each category for all employees.

Pay Stubs
Displays employee payroll income and deductions to accompany paychecks.

This chart records and tracks time-off for each worker.

Mileage Log
This form can be printed and used to track mileage for each company vehicle.

Tech Progress
Can be used to track the overall performance of each technician including up-sells that may qualify for addition commissions.

Daily calendar to organize your work.

Checking Acct
Allows you to enter all of your deposits, checks and credit or debit card expenditures.  The spreadsheet keeps track of your current checking account balance.

Allows you to establish a budget amount for each expense category, and then enter the actual amount. The spreadsheet calculates the amount over or under.

A list of 74 possible tax deductible expenses with links to the IRS details.


A handy worksheet to track company performance by listing Key Performance Indicators.

Account Retention
The Account Retention Plan spreadsheet shows 13 areas that must be considered, tracked, and improved to excel in account retention.

The SWOT worksheet stands for:  Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.  It allows you to evaluate your market and business plans to capitalize on your strengths and improve your weaknesses.  Time spent analyzing your business, can ensure your continual growth.

P & L
Profit and Loss or Income/Expense Statements are used to determine your level of profitability.  It also provides data that shows any positive or negative trends.

Manager Rating
This spreadsheet allows you to evaluate and score 47 of management skills as they relate to building a successful business. This is a great tool to track your progress, or areas that need improvement, on your way to success.

Free Spreadsheets
Check out more free spreadsheets that can be downloaded for your company use.

Import Data
Shows how to import or export data to some of the most popular programs.

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“The products developed by Gary Clipperton are life saving in the competitive business we find ourselves in. He not only takes the guesswork out of job bidding but shows the profit immediately to be made on each client. His knowledge of the business is remarkable and he was so willing to share it with me. I only wish I would of found his programs sooner.

Gary, keep up the good work. I can not wait to see what you come up with next to make my business excel further.”

Lisa Fazzone
Fazzone Cleaning Company
Venice, FL

“Because of your help, whenever I make a bid I no longer feel overwhelmed. Thanks for providing great information at a fair price.”
Ron P. Dallas, Texas

“Thank you Gary for sharing your invaluable bidding secrets and keep up the good work.”

S.K. Micro Cleans
Northern Illinois

“Your software got me through a rough start and on the way to my first successful bid.”

Mike Campbell
The Cleaning Force
Carrollton, VA

“Thanks for putting so much time and effort into such a great product.”

Donna H.
Time Solutions
Gresham, Oregon

“With the use of Janbid software along with the help and wisdom of Gary, you can’t go wrong. Thanks Gary for creating such a great product.”

Channing Hall
Atlanta, GA

“I can’t say enough about JanBid Software; it’s made commercial office bidding so much easier and it’s so accurate! Gary Clipperton has been so kind, helpful and patient every time I have emailed him with a question or talked to him over the phone.”

Spencer Williams
Dust Be Gone Cleaning Services
Savannah, GA

“Thanks for your advice. You have helped send us on our way.”

Angela Churchill
HouseCare, Inc.
Arlington, VA

“My business is fairly new. I have the skills to do all the work required, but my bidding skills were not where they needed to be because in my area there are many large cleaning contractors. Jan Bid helps me stay up with the big boys.”

Timothy R. Elam
Field Day Services, LLC
Charleston, SC

Gary’s products are very helpful for anyone who’s been working in the cleaning industry and is looking to supplement their knowledge and increase the bottom line for their business.

I have spoken to Gary on a number of occasions and can honestly say that Gary is in a class by himself when it comes to supporting his products. You won’t come across a more unselfish, helpful person than Gary, in the cleaning industry, or otherwise. He and all of his materials come with my highest recommendation.”

Ryan Via
Viaclean, Inc.

“Thanks again for all your years of experience and being willing to share the inside information with us.”

William Kerr
Hygienic Genies
Denver, Colorado

“A person can not go wrong by investing in your Training and Certification manual”. Your success system works for me.”

Robert Fisher
Allstar Carpet Cleaning
Ft. Worth, Texas

“Your training and certification program has taught me how to focus on customer service, eliminate complaints, accurately bid my jobs and land new customers. The carpet care section has been especially helpful. Now I can earn an amazing amount of money in just a few hours work.

I recommend your program as a must for anyone getting into the business or already working for someone else. The answers I need are just as close as the phone. Thanks again for what your program has done for me.”

M. Jackson
Update Janitorial
Dallas, Texas

“We highly recommend your program to anyone who is serious about getting into the janitorial business. I don’t think there is a question about cleaning that Gary can’t answer”

D. Zamora
Denver, Colorado

“Gary, thanks for your personal help on the recent construction clean bid. The numbers you suggested were right on and I was awarded the contract. Your fliers, contract and supporting materials were excellent. My investment in your programs has more than paid off on just my first job.”

Derrick L Samuel
Washington, D.C.

"Gary, Just finished reading your Janitorial Success Manual and it was a great read. You touch upon just about everything you need to know when starting up a janitorial small business. I gained a lot of knowledge from it and it can help anyone answer any questions they might have regarding this industry and the correct marketing approach."

Al Arseo
Preferred Clean LLC
Buckeye, AZ

"Hello Gary, your course is excellent. It contains so much information that you couldn’t ask for a better program to help train a new contractor. I now feel extremely confident in starting my Janitorial Service company. Thanks a lot."

Craig Peacock
Richmond, TX


It was truly a pleasure to speak with you yesterday. I speak with consultants and different individuals all the time that claim to be experts in the janitorial field that don’t seem to have half the knowledge that you provided to me in one phone call. Again, I look forward to speaking with you in the near future and using your consulting service. Your Contractor Training Program is great. Thanks again for all you do to keep our industry growing. Talk to you soon.


Frank V. Sosebee
F & L Building Maintenance, LLC
Bellevue, WA 98005

"Hi Gary,

I just wanted to mention at how thankful I was to have stumbled on to the JanBid software created by Gary at National Pro Clean Corp. Not only did his JanBid software peak my interest, but as I navigated through National Pro Clean’s website, I found a link for the Contractor Start Up & Expansion Program with the JanBid software bundled together. With all that was being offered, I figured that this much information would be such a wise investment, how could I not spend the money now in order to save myself the costly mistakes my wife and I would have made already learned by Gary and his company with the many years of being in the industry.

It only makes sense to go along with a proven successful method at someone else’s expense, rather than having to make several costly trial and error mistakes yourself. This is after all why proper training exists for all jobs and or careers. If you think about it, it’s kind of like repairing a car. You can throw money, parts and your labor at it all day long, but if you had the know how, and the exact root cause of the problem, wouldn’t it just make more sense to get the job done right the first time? I think so. Thank you so much Gary, my wife and I love the software and knowledge your company has brought to the table for our business."

Exult Cleaning Services
Austin, TX

"I said I would let you know if I landed the contract you helped me with. Well, great news, I have just received notice two days ago that I have landed the contract. Once again thanks for your help. It is much appreciated."

Amy Ascroft

Hello Gary,

this is Donta Williams from Milwaukee, I have to take the time out and thank you for your Contractor Training program. My wife and I have only began to scan through it and it’s everything we needed and more. I will be contacting you if and when I have any questions.

Also I am very impressed with the free bonus programs you sent over today, the MaidBid, Workloading and Government Bid program and your new Cleaning Managers Dashboard. There's a lot of useful information you have put together. Again THANK YOU

Donta William
Milwaukee, WI

Hi Gary,

I just want to reach out to you and let you know that I am so thankful and appreciative for all of your assistance and valuable information that you have so graciously shared with me to help grow our business. We are utilizing everything that you have suggested as well as all of your programs that we purchased.

Terisa R. Nelson
ENTEGRITY Janitorial Services, Inc.
"Discover The Difference In Cleaning"!!

Thank you very much for your training programs. I don't have much experience in marketing the cleaning business and pricing contracts, so I am reading all of your information. I found the training and marketing material I downloaded to be invaluable and so easy to read, and you don't get bored. I am very glad I came across your site. And, thanks for personally helping me with my recent bid questions.

Zayad Arab
London, UK

New Federal Trade Commission ruling requires this notice: The above testimonies were from customers who submitted their endorsements freely and without any compensation. They are examples of customers who implemented our training programs in a specific manner. The results you experience may depend upon how you use the product purchased.

*Note: I have been able to earn $100,000 a year by following the strategies in my program and so have others, but this is not an income guarantee. The results you achieve could be different.

Having trouble getting the results you desire? Get personal help with your business from a 42-year industry veteran that knows all the aspects of a successful janitorial business. Click here to ask any question

If you are looking for one of the nations top cleaning experts to personally help you build your business, then look no further.

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One manual with 5 modules including carpet care, maid service, restroom cleaning, independent contractors, and cleaning service for daycares. Second manual reviewing all the details of marketing, bidding, running your business, and running your crews, plus dozens of forms, 7 hours of audio training, and 1 hour video on marketing.$300
IICRC approved carpet cleaning training manual with 139 slides, test & diploma$169
How to Start or Expand a Carpet Cleaning business$79
Floor care training manual with slides, test & diploma$129
JanBid Estimating Solutions$175
Janitorial Success marketing manual - 170 pages with 40 flyers$89
Cleaning Managers Dashboard$49
Cleaning Performance Handbook - 250 pages$79
Total value of all training materials that you receive$1,069
Your cost depending upon type of shipping or eVersion - in the U.S.$300
eVersion plus hardcopy mailed to you in the U.S.$379
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