Carpet Cleaning Training Program

Become a Carpet Cleaning Expert

Learn dozens of diagnostic and troubleshooting skills

  • Online Carpet Cleaning Training School
  • IICRC approved Basic Skills Program
  • Comprehensive training program with a one
    hundred-page instruction manual, 139 page
    PDF full-color slides, and two detailed videos
    covering Seventy Mistakes Carpet Cleaners
  • Use it to train all of your staff. They
    can learn how to be carpet care experts.
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  • $189 download version. You download it and
    own it.
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Pro Clean College IICRC Basic Skills Program

Carpet Care Strategies you will Master:

  • Soil prevention measures that reduce cleaning frequencies
  • Five-Step systems approach to improved efficiency
  • Mastering spot removal chemistry – what works on what
  • Remove and prevent re-occurring spots
  • Attacking challenging soil conditions
  • Balancing interim with restorative cleaning
  • IICRC’s 5-steps to total maintenance care – meeting industry standards
  • Fiber specific cleaning demands
  • Understanding which of the five cleaning methods is right for you
  • Adjusting cleaning chemistry, aggression level, moisture level, temperatures, dwell time, and machine operation
  • Avoid ten major cleaning mistakes
  • Diagnosing machine performance and results
  • Improving Indoor Air Quality and safety precautions

Ongoing maintenance with carpet encapsulation

Learn, test, and earn your Carpet Care Diploma.

One hundred-page training manual, three slide presentations with 139 slides, and two training videos over one. The complete downloadable version is $189. Our training program can be used in a class setting, or each student can study on their own. Test and IICRC diploma are included. Extra tests and diplomas run $25 per student.

Carpet Prespay

Set up classes at your facility or, have your staff view
the slides and videos individually from any computer.

Become a professional carpet technician

Master difficult challenges with spot removers.

35 difficult carpet care questions expertly answered by Gary Clipperton  Click here.

Two slide modules 1 1/2 hours each:

  • Carpet Maintenance Theory – 69 slides
  • Carpet Cleaning Diagnostics – 65 slides
  • A third, personalized module is available at an additional cost to include photos of your facility, equipment, chemicals, procedures, and staff.

Carpet Maintenance Theory:

    1 1/2 hour module Slide Presentation Corrective VS Planned Maintenance
  • Soil Prevention – parking lot care, outside mats, inside mats & containment
  • Systems Approach – soil prevention, vacuuming, spotting, interim maintenance, and restorative cleaning
  • Vacuum Maintenance – heavy, medium, and light traffic patterns
  • Machine Maintenance – 5 tips
  • Principals of Cleaning
  • Composition of Soil
  • TACT Formula
  • Five Steps – dry soil extraction, soil suspension, soil extraction, grooming, and drying
  • Seven Categories of Carpet Cleaning Agents
  • Nine Types of Restorative Cleaners
  • Carpet Construction and Installation
  • Four Most Popular Fibers
  • Carpet Construction Best Carpet Extraction Methods
  • Carpet Installation
  • Cleaning Systems and Methods
  • Eight Guidelines to Improve Indoor Air Quality
  • Five Recognized Cleaning Systems – Absorbent powder, Bonnet Spin Pad (nine guidelines for proper use), Dry Shampoo and Encapsulation, Rotary Shampoo (seven guidelines for proper use), and Hot Water Extraction
  • Hot Water Extraction Guidelines – Cleaning agents (nine tips), Agitation (nine dos and don’ts), Water (five concerns), and Machines (ten tips)
  • Safety Guidelines

Best Carpet Extraction Methods

Become an expert at spot removal

Cleaning Diagnostics

1 1/2 hour module Slide Presentation
    • A variety of chemical treatments may be necessary for a successful spot and stain removal.
    • These include special solvents (for paint, oil, grease, tar, cosmetics, shoe polish), oxidizing agents or reducing agents for colored stains, freezing agents or citrus gels for chewing gum, acidic treatments for rust, coffee, tea and water stains, and a heat transfer method for colored stains, just to name a few.
    • Learn all the detailed solutions and how to set up your own spot removal kit!                                                                                
    • Ten major spot removal products
    • Spotting Procedures – avoid setting a stain or damaging the carpet
    • Eight Spotting Guidelines
    • Stain Delamination how spots are best removed
    • Identifying four types of carpet damage
    • Understanding eight problems that affect the appearance
    • Preventing operator damage
    • Six major equipment diagnostic skills for Hot Water Extractors
    • Six major guidelines for the operation of Hot Water Extractors
    • Nine ways to improve extraction results

Learn to use all the proper chemicals to never set a stain

Learn effective spot removal

Details of the program:

  1. Simply purchase and download the program, including the 100-page instruction manual, two slide show presentations. The two videos which run just over an hour can be viewed online.
  2. Study the training manual in detail and review the slides.
  3. Establish a training schedule that works for you.
    Arrange for a minimum of 1-2 hours of hands-on training, or up to several days to master all of the procedures, equipment, and supplies. Some graduates have rented a commercial machine, then followed all of our steps. They learned by applying our training how to produce clean carpets.
  4. This program is very comprehensive. You will learn how to become an expert at this trade.
  5. Consider the value of purchasing the IICRC test and diploma for $25 per student.
  6. Agree to the testing requirements of not altering the Chewing gum removal – no problem
    class materials, providing a safe classroom
    environment, a suitable learning environment,
    support a code of ethics including dignity and respect for all students, follow the class curriculum as approved by IICRC, and agree to confidentiality and with integrity to administer all tests. Present the class materials. Have someone read each slide and have a supervisor available to answer any questions by sharing materials from the training booklet.

Note: individuals may elect to study the program alone.

Currently, this carpet care training program is not available for purchase for those who would resell the materials. In other words, all instructors who want to present the program to others outside their own organization must first become an approved IICRC instructor with our school.

Chewing gum removal- no problem

This is a must for all owner/operators

Free Bonus –

Start or Expand a Carpet Cleaning Business

250 power-packed pages on marketing, bidding, administration, and comprehensive training to grow your business.

Learn all the inside tips on starting or growing a successful carpet cleaning business.

Learn how to run your crews

Second Free Bonus – Cleaning Performance Handbook

The ultimate training program for cleaning managers. Learn dozens of strategies to improve cleaning productivity and quality.

Hundreds of cleaning tips for custodial, carpet, and floor care. Contains dozens of checklists and in-service training

Become an upholstery care expert

Third Free Bonus – Detailing Upholstery and Carpet Instruction Manual

A 53 page Manual for Detailing Upholstery and Carpet.

Cleaning Manager’s Dashboard

Fourth Free Bonus – A dashboard control center that helps you run your entire cleaning business

One that tracks all of your marketing efforts, your bidding, billing, customer follow-up, employee payroll, expenses, profits, inventory, and even rates your business management progress.

This system is critical in ensuring you are paying attention to every aspect of running a successful cleaning business.  Jump ahead of your competition by tracking all the metrics that impact your bottom line. 40 spreadsheets all ready to go.

You will especially appreciate the 17 item checklist with all the proven ways to never lose an account.

Special Offer for Cleaning Instructors

  • Purchase 10 Student manuals for $30 each plus $15 shipping and handling ($315 total) and receive the hardcopy of 10 student manuals, with tests and diplomas plus the Complete 3-ring binder manual, two DVD’s, and CD slides shows.  Free consulting to keep your training program up-to-date. Ideal for schools, large facilities, government facilities, universities, and prisons. You will find this to be one of the best up-to-date training programs available todayJust one common mistake can ruin a job and cause a loss of credibility. A thorough training system is a critical investment in your career and the career of students.If you have questions, we have the answers. Click here

Why you need this program

Special note to custodial managers:

It is very frustrating to send your workers to clean a carpet or a chair to only discover the next day that the job was botched. Now you have to send someone to correct all the mistakes. And, do-overs are expensive.

You thought they had all the skills to pull off the job. So what happened? There is a big difference between a cleaning worker who has learned to mix chemicals and run a machine and a trained technician who can troubleshoot all types of challenges. There is a lot to understand about the chemistry, dwell times, repeated applications, drying times, and general problem solving with each distinct job.

Why not let us help with the training. Our new and improved Carpet and Floor Care training programs focus on dozens of troubleshooting skills. If a carpet or floor tech does not understand all the challenges and diagnostic skills, they can be more of a liability than an asset to your operations.

All of the challenges can be met with our training program. It can truly make your crew members experts at what they do.

Special note to carpet and floor care contractors:

Once you have properly trained carpet techs on your team, new markets will open up for you. A majority of cleaning contractors do not have qualified technicians. Once I had trained my own crews, I was able to take away dozens of carpet jobs from many of the major janitorial contractors in my trade area. They had office cleaning crews, but their carpet crews simply couldn’t produce the results that I could.

Make carpets look almost new

With our program, you will learn all of my trade secrets including my marketing strategies. Just two guys and a van can consistently bring in $1,000 each day in repeat work. You have nothing to lose by providing the training manuals with tests and diplomas to make your crews the very best in your city.

Special note to individual custodians or janitors:

Over the past forty-five years, I have worked with a couple of hundred different cleaning crews at hospitals, universities, school systems, government facilities, cleaning contractors and the list goes on. In a majority of the cases, the manager and the carpet crews were lacking in knowledge on how to solve almost any carpet cleaning problem.

That is where we come in. Our carpet and floor care programs are extremely thorough and advanced. By studying them you will gain new skills and knowledge that very few custodians ever master.

Our training program and diploma will set you apart from the others. You could even keep your day job and work weekends cleaning carpet on your own.  We have many contractors who are earning around $100 an hour. Why not upgrade your skills today and become an expert at your job?

Become a Carpet Cleaning Professional

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