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Chapter I. Overview

  1. What Can I Expect?
    2. Are You Ready to Build Your Own Business?
    3. Should I Purchase a Franchise?
    4. Wearing Many Hats
    5. Before You Start
    6. Startup Basics
    7. Business Structure
    8. Income Projections

Chapter II. Marketing

Building Your Business Income – Twenty-Five Strategies:

1.Acquire Superior Training and Knowledge of the
Business Learn how to get started in your business
2. Develop a Business Plan
3. Identify Your Market – Who Are Your Best Customers?
4. Evaluate Your Competition
5. Develop a Winning Pricing System

6. Consider Your Marketing Options
7. Develop and Maintain Exceptional Inbound Phone Call Response
8. Prospecting Centers of Influence
9. Earn Constant Referrals from Word-of-Mouth Advertising
10. Market to Your Existing Customers and Develop Raving Fans
11. Sell the Thoroughness of Your Service
12. Convey a Professional Image
13. Perfect Your Spot Removal Demo and Sales Presentation
14. Prospecting Guidelines
15. How to Master the Art of Canvassing
16. Telemarketing Commercial Accounts
17. Track your Advertising Costs
18. Direct Mail – What Works Best
19. Prospecting Commercial Accounts
20. Tips on Presenting Your Proposal
21. Strategies for Residential Customers
22. Selling Add-Ons
23. Differentiation Overcomes Price Objections and Stalls
24. Review of the Sales Process
25. Review of Promotional Ideas

Learn how to get started in your business

Become a Marketing Pro

Chapter III. Bidding

  • Pricing Guidelines
  • Pre-inspections
  • Working the Commercial Market
  • Pricing Commercial work
  • Carpet Inspection form
  • Cleaning Production Rates
  • Carpet Cleaning Difficulty Factors
  • Carpet Cleaning Pricing Guidelines
  • Expense-Based Profit Calculations
  • Writing Your Proposal
  • Follow-up
  • Tracking Production Rates

Chapter IV. Customer Service

  • Delivering “Knock Your Socks Off” Service
  • Pre-inspections – Your Insurance Policy
  • Building Customer Trust
  • Strengthening Relationships Through Good PR Efforts
  • Teaching Your Staff about Impression Points
  • Improving Customer Satisfaction Levels
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Keep Each Customer for Life
  • Improving Customer Communications
  • Account Retention Plans
  • Maintaining Customer Loyalty
  • Understanding Perceived Value
  • Understanding Quality, Cost and Value Ratios
  • Marketing Continuous Process Improvement Programs
  • Marketing Superior Customer Service
  • Handling Customer Complaints or Problems
  • Specific Steps for Handling Complaints

Customer service is Key to Success

Chapter V. Administrative

  • Proper Business Management is Crucial
  • Benefits of Self-employment
  • Name Selection (a critical decision)
  • Business Organization Structure (which is best for you)
  • Setting Up a Home Office (important filing categories)
  • Zoning Laws for Home Businesses
  • Borrowing Money
  • Crunching the Numbers (tracking profitability)
  • Getting Paid (invoicing and billing tips)
  • Extending Credit and Terms (when and how)
  • Handling Slow Payments (using the best strategies)
  • Managing Cash Flow When Things are Tight (7 priorities)
  • Protecting Your Revenues (documenting your money trail)
  • Accepting Credit Card Payments (when do you need it)
  • Integrity – Practice It or Suffer the Consequences (12 considerations in keeping honest)
  • BBB Accreditation (8 pillars of integrity for BBB accreditation)
  • Operational Excellence (5 major programs to implement)
  • Preparing for Growth (7 sources to use when preparing to expand)
  • Building a Team (rewarding what is important)
  • Recruiting and Hiring Workers (good sources and policies)
  • Pre-employment Interview (how to probe for performance and quality issues;
  • assess integrity, competency, attitude, dependability, and motivation)
  • Staffing for Success (10 must do policies and procedures)
  • Hiring Sub-contractors (Short 6 question test)
  • Non-Compete Agreements (what works)
  • Employer Hiring Liability (6 pre-qualifications)
  • Training Your Staff (13 huge benefits)
  • Seventeen tips to improve your training skills
  • Training objectives for carpet care (gain these 6 skills)
  • Seven Habits of a Highly Effective Cleaning Technician
  • Tracking Growth (identifying what is working)
  • Suppliers/Vendors (select friends not foes)
  • How to Manage your Time (13 factors to learn)
  • Stop Running Late (5 tips to follow)
  • Process improvement (6 steps the experts use)
  • Negotiate for Success (13 steps for success)
  • Overall Performance Goals (10 guidelines for running a sound business)
  • Training Programs (5 major benefits)
  • Workplace Cooperation (9 things you can emphasize)
  • Develop and Implement Your Own Training Program (using the ATTACK acronym)
  • Implement a total business system (documenting your policies and procedures)
  • Striving for Excellence (fine tuning your service delivery plan)
  • Learning Tenacity (how to never give up)
  • Scheduling Jobs (don’t be late)
  • Staffing Your Office (when do you hire office help?)
  • Self-Management for Top Performers (12 goals to pursue)
  • Communication Styles for Leaders (Follow these 10 suggestions to improve communications)
  • Coaching Steps (6 ways to solve people problems)
  • How to Encourage Your Team to Work Together (10 steps to follow)
  • Motivating Employees (understanding the pain of failure and pleasure of success)
  • The Best Ways to Praise Your Employees (5 tips to follow)
  • Eliminate Inferior Performance and Poor Attitudes (8 bad habits to correct)
  • Maintaining Quality (understanding and setting quality scores)
  • Quality Assurance, Quality Inspections and Breaches Correcting 5 common complaint sources)
  • Missing Detail Work (developing an eye for detail)
  • Service Attitudes (taking care of business)
  • Profit Sharing Guidelines for Technicians (exploring 8 qualifications)
  • Dealing with theft (7 steps to follow)
  • Keeping Employees Honest (accountability factors)
  • Legal Compliance (don’t be guilty of these 5 violations)

Best carpet care management

Chapter VI. Production

  • Carpet Cleaning Equipment and Supplies
  • Equipment Selection
  • Tool selection
  • Scrub Wand Techniques
  • Rotary Extraction with Truck-Mounts
  • CRI Seal of Approval
  • What is Green Cleaning?
  • Moving furniture
  • Determining Carpet Damage – Not Correctable by Cleaning
  • Residential Cleaning Procedures
  • Pet Stain Removal
  • Spotting Tips
  • Pre-soak Benefits
  • Use of Solvents
  • Spotting Kits
  • Difficult stains
  • Fabric Protectors
  • Stain Resistant Carpet
  • Carpet Grooming Procedures
  • Carpet Repairs
  • Commercial Cleaning Procedures
  • The Need for a Dual-Process
  • Spot Removal Procedures
  • Bonnet Cleaning Procedures
  • Progressive Cleaning
  • Production Rates
  • Industry Cleaning Times
  • Actual Job Cleaning Times
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Cleaning Ownership
  • Process and Productivity Improvements
  • Productivity upgrades
  • Vacuum Procedures
  • Quality Tips
  • Productivity Tips
  • Cleaning Greasy Restaurant Carpet

Learn best methods for carpet maintenance

Master the Critical Methods

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