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Become a professional cleaning technician for janitorial, carpet and floor car

Carpet Cleaning Training

Times are changing. Cleaning methods are improving. Is your training program up-to-date?

Just Released – Upgraded and Revised Training Videos

Now you can train Custodial and Janitorial workers with the most comprehensive program available. Each DVD comes with a test and diploma. The accompanying training manual shows each cleaning step for fourteen essential skills.

  • Latest developments in cleaning equipment and processes are clearly demonstrated.
  • Interactive training DVD’s ask a question every couple of minutes to maintain the interest and attention of the viewer.
  • Standardization of Training means each trainee gets the same information in the same way. Consistency of training improves overall work-force performance.
  • Full-motion action shows how to accomplish various tasks required by subject matter.
  • Increased retention. When trainees are instructed by voice instructions only, they retain only about 12%. With full-motion digital DVD’s, retention is increased to 85%.
  • Employee investment. Students finish with improved self-esteem, knowing they have mastered all the required steps to perform work at a professional level. Course graduates enter the workforce with a high level of confidence knowing they possess the required skills.

Complete interactive Custodial and Janitorial Training Video Series with trainers manual, test and diploma for each student.

Building Cleaning Skills

Building Cleaning Skills

#1001A Interior Office Building Cleaning Part I

Covers the theory and practice of cleaning offices as well as other areas of typical commercial building. The routine for cleaning an office can also be applied to building lobbies, entrances, employee rest areas, lounges, conference rooms, training rooms and office work areas. Discusses other topics such as building security, access procedures, dependability, reporting malfunctions of fixtures and equipment, customer relations and personal contact.

#1001B Interior Office Building Cleaning Part II

Explains proper cleaning procedures for: carpeted floors; door knobs and electrical switch plates; office furniture and accessories; telephones and drinking fountains; walls, doors and windows; window ledges and book- case shelves; windows in doors, walls and partitions; wall hangings and wood paneling. Computers are found in almost all offices. Custodians need to know how to work around computer equipment.

Both training DVDs discuss the seven-step program for cleaning offices and other rooms inside an office building. Every custodian will appreciate the step-by-step approach for professional office cleaning that teaches them how to do more in less time and helps keep them from missing important cleaning tasks or requirements. The content presents the information every custodian needs to know in order to perform professional cleaning duties.

#1002 Ground Rules For Professional Custodians

Outlines the “Do’s and Don’ts” that custodians should follow on every assignment. The Do’s include customer relations, work ethics, the proper way to report mishaps, burglar/ fire alarm, conservation of supplies, health and safety requirements, MSDS and other related topics. The Don’ts include harassment, fighting, theft, undesignated rest areas, smoking, alcohol and illegal drugs, and firearms.

Custodial Training Videos

#1003 Safety for Custodians

Emphasizes that safety can’t be assumed. DVD shows how to handle events such as fire, burns, fume inhalation, chemical spills, falls and falling objects, sprains and strains, cuts, bumps and bruises. The eight rules of cleaning safety are discussed, as is how to report all injuries, swinging doors, horseplay and defective equipment.

#1004 Emergency and Evacuation Procedures

Discusses emergency procedures applicable to all buildings and their occupants. This “must see” DVD can save a life through the education of the viewer to recognize the serious dangers of fires, earthquakes, floods and terrorist attacks. Topic include evacuation safety, fire response, tornado and hurricane emergency procedures, emergency evacuation plans, emergency response to chemical spills or leaks, suspicious packages, and what to include in an emergency supply list. This is a great DVD for everyone to see.

#1005 Basic Rest Room Cleaning

Rest room cleaningDescribes the liquid method of cleaning a rest room. Recommends that abrasive powders be avoided. Discusses odor control, drain maintenance and loading of dispensers, then concludes with subject of “end shift” duties. Features an 11-step rest room cleaning program such as: how to prepare and replace supplies and ready equipment, trash removal, basin sanitation, sanitizing commodes and urinals, ways to clean mirrors as well as bright work, spot cleaning of walls, ledges, vents and partitions, when and how to sweep, dust mop, wet mop floors and the proper way to inspect.

#1010A Daily Floor Maintenance

Reviews daily maintenance procedures for carpeted and hard surface floors. Covers topics such as vacuum cleaners and attachments, and proper usage of upright vacuum cleaners. DVD discusses damp mopping, spot mopping and wet mopping as well as dust mopping. Explains importance of positioning caution stands and following label directions.

Best Cleaning Methods#1010B High Speed Floor Maintenance - Manual Methods

Reviews the theory and practice of high-speed burnishing on resilient tile floors. This DVD is designed to place and maintain a layer of floor finish on top of the flooring material. This finish layer protects the floor from soiling and abrasions caused by traffic. All of the procedures in this training DVD involves maintaining this finish layer to provide for maximum protection and shine. Also covers spray buffing to remove spots, stains, scuffs and black heel marks. Explains equipment and chemicals including floor pads and drive blocks, applying “high-speed” finish, burnishing, and other related topics.

#1010C High Speed Floor Maintenance – Automatic Floor Machine Methods

Reviews the theory and practice of high-speed burnishing on resilient floors using automatic floor machines. The Automatic Floor Machine is a battery-powered machine designed for maintaining hard surface floors. This machine puts down solution, scrubs the floor with it, and picks up the scrubbing solution. The floor is left in a dry condition, meaning that it can be returned to service almost immediately. Explains equipment and chemicals, including floor pads and drive blocks, applying “high-speed” finish, burnishing, and other related topics about “auto-scrubbers”.

Maintaining Janitorial Equipment#1015 Maintaining Janitorial Equipment

Demonstrates proper procedures for loading custodial carts, maintaining equipment, managing the custodial closet and using cleaning supplies. It discusses the supply closet, supplies and their care, dust and wet mops, buckets and wringers, and carts. It also discusses power equipment such as floor machines and vacuums.

#1020 Stripping and Finishing Floors

Demonstrates all the equipment, supplies and procedures to professionally strip and re-coat floors. Reviews the 10 steps custodian should follow for stripping and finishing floors. Shows how to apply finish in two ways: Using mop marked for this use only or; by using floor finish microfiber mop applicator with special tubing to dispense floor finish from bag. Microfiber applicator system reduces labor cost by as much as 70%, reduces finish usage by up to 35%, easy to apply finish in corners and along baseboards, helps eliminate mops and buckets. The greatest value of refinishing is building resistance to soil and easier maintenance. The floor will also last longer, saving the building owner from having to replace it before its time.

Basic Carpet Cleaning Methods

#1204A Basic Carpet Cleaning Methods, Part I

Reviews the procedures for professionally cleaning carpet. There are three rules to remember before starting:
1. Protect yourself from danger.
2. Don't create problems for yourself.
3. Clean carpet in a planned pattern.
This DVD features hot water extraction and “spin pad” bonnet cleaning methods.

#1204B Basic Carpet Cleaning Methods, Part II

Reviews the remaining methods for professionally cleaning carpet. These methods are dry chemical carpet cleaning, shampooing method and new encapsulation. These methods are especially good for cleaning high traffic areas. The DVD points out that quality control is very important in carpet cleaning.

#1100 Basic Supervision of Custodial Personnel

Helps the supervisor understand the theory and practice of professionally supervising a custodial crew. This DVD focus on supervisory duties, specifications and how to go about fulfilling them in the building or facility you clean. Our goal is to help you work smarter, and not harder! This educational DVD is designed to help save your valuable supervisory time and energy and maintain our professional standard of excellence.

#1001C Custodial Training Manual

This user-friendly illustrated Custodial Training Manual summarizes the contents of each of the 14 training DVDs, leaves space for your personal notations, and enables you to document the effectiveness of your training program. There is a written test and answer key for each of the chapters, and a final test with more than 90 questions that can be used to certify your personnel's custodial knowledge.

Complete set of 14 videos plus training manual and tests $2390 including shipping.

FREE exclusive offer with your purchase of the complete video training set:

  1. Carpet Cleaning Training Program
  2. Cleaning Manager's Dashboard
  3. Cleaning Performance Handbook
  4. Floor Care Training Program
  5. How to Start or Expand a Carpet Cleaning Business

Carpet Cleaning Training Program

Carpet Cleaning Training Program

IICRC Approved Apprentice/Basic Skills. Learn to troubleshoot carpet cleaning problems from a 38-year industry veteran. Training program suitable for all employees includes – 2 Power Point presentations, 48 page training manual and test. Download and start training your staff from any computer.

Cleaning Managers' Dashboard

Cleaning Manager's Dashboard

A dashboard control center that helps you run your entire cleaning business!

Helps you track all of your marketing efforts, your bidding, billing, customer follow-up, employee payroll, expenses, profits, inventory, and even rated your business management progress.

Cleaning Performance Handbook

Cleaning Performance Handbook

The ultimate training program for cleaning managers. Learn dozens of strategies to improve cleaning productivity and quality.

Hundreds of cleaning tips for custodial, carpet and floor care. Contains dozens of check lists and in-service training lessons.

Floor Care Training Program

Floor Care Training Program

Comprehensive Floor Training Course including;

87 page manual with 62 slides to master Programmed Floor Care Maintenance.

Start or Expand a Carpet Cleaning Business

Start or Expand a Carpet Cleaning Business

Learn all the inside tips on starting or growing a successful carpet cleaning business.

250 power packed pages on marketing, bidding, administration and comprehensive training to grow your business.

Advanced Carpet and Floor Tech Training Program

The ultimate training program for competent technicians and contractors

Gary Clipperton - author

Gary Clipperton - author

  • Forty-year industry veteran. Nationally recognized consultant, trainer and author.
  • Founder and President of National Pro Clean Corp. Colorado Springs, Colorado.
  • Founder of Pro Clean College, an IICRC Basic Skills carpet care training school.
  • Founding and current Vice-President of International Custodial Advisors Network.
  • Author of seven books on cleaning management, marketing cleaning services, carpet and floor care training and improving technology and processes.
  • Developer of leading cleaning bidding software, videos and training programs.

Contents for the Carpet Cleaning Technician Training

  • IICRC approved basic skills program.
  • 100 page instruction manual
  • Carpet Maintenance Theory – 69 PowerPoint presentation slides.
  • Carpet Cleaning Diagnostics – 65 PowerPoint presentation slides.

Carpet Care Techniques you will Master

  • Soil prevention measures that reduce cleaning frequencies
  • Five-Step systems approach to improve efficiency
  • Mastering spot removal chemistry – what works on what

Priced Individually $169. Student manuals available

Become a Spot Removal Pro

  • Remove and prevent re-occurring spots
  • Attacking challenging soil conditions
  • Balancing interim with restorative cleaning
  • IICRC’s 5-steps to total maintenance care – meeting industry standards
  • Fiber specific cleaning demands
  • Understanding which of the five cleaning methods is right for you
  • Adjusting cleaning chemistry, aggression level, moisture level, temperatures, dwell time and machine operation

Program Outline

  • 100-page training manual
  • Two modules 1 ½ hours each
  • Carpet Maintenance Theory – 69 slides
  • Carpet Cleaning Diagnostics – 65 slides
  • A third, personalized module is available at an additional cost to include photos of your facility, equipment, chemicals, procedures, and staff.

Carpet Maintenance Theory

Slide Presentation

  • Corrective VS Planned Maintenance
  • Soil Prevention – parking lot care, outside mats, inside mats & soil containment
  • Systems Approach – soil prevention, vacuuming, spotting, interim maintenance and restorative cleaning
  • Vacuum Maintenance – heavy, medium and light traffic patterns
  • Machine Maintenance – 5 tips
  • Principals of Cleaning
  • Composition of Soil
  • TACT Formula
  • Five Steps – dry soil extraction, soil suspension, soil extraction, grooming and drying
  • Seven Categories of Carpet Cleaning Agents
  • Nine Types of Cleaners for the Restorative Process
  • Carpet Construction and Installation
  • Four Most Popular Fibers
  • Carpet Construction
  • Carpet Installation
  • Cleaning Systems and Methods
  • Eight Guidelines to Improve Indoor Air Quality
  • Five Recognized Cleaning Systems – Absorbent powder, Bonnet Spin Pad (nine guidelines for proper use), Dry Shampoo and Encapsulation, Rotary Shampoo (seven guidelines for proper use) and Hot Water Extraction
  • Hot Water Extraction Guidelines – Cleaning agents (nine tips), Agitation (nine dos and don’ts), Water (five concerns) and Machines (ten tips)
  • Safety Guidelines

Carpet Cleaning Diagnostics Slide Presentation

  • Ten major spot removal products
  • Spotting Procedures – avoid setting a stain or damage to the carpet
  • Eight Spotting Guidelines
  • Stain Delamination – what it is and how to use it
  • Identifying four types of carpet damage
  • Understanding eight problems that affect carpet appearance
  • Preventing operator damage
  • Six major equipment diagnostic skills for Hot Water Extractors
  • Six major guidelines for operation of Hot Water Extractors
  • Nine ways to improve extraction results

Carpet Cleaning Training 
Best carpet extraction process

  • Avoid ten major cleaning mistakes
  • Diagnosing machine performance and results Improving
  • Indoor Air Quality and safety precautions

Details of the Program

  1. Simply purchase and download the program, including the 100-page instruction manual and two slide presentations. Or, order the hardcopy version.
  2. Study the training manual in detail and review the slides. Complete the instructors training and certification segments.
  3. Set up the class with carpet cleaning equipment and chemicals available to the students.
  4. Present the class materials. Have someone read each slide for discussion as led by the class instructor. Allow students to mix and use the carpet cleaning products and operate the carpet cleaning machines.
  5. Agree to testing requirements - of not altering the class materials, providing a safe classroom environment, a suitable learning environment, support a code of ethics including dignity and respect for all students, follow class curriculum and agree to confidentiality and integrity in administering all tests.. Grade tests and submit student names to Pro Clean College for diplomas.
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