A Professional Cleaning Consultant Can Eliminate Headaches and Save Money

A knowledgeable and experienced consultant can provide non-biased solutions to even the most difficult cleaning challenges. Quality breaches, low productivity and a lack of proper systems are often three areas where creative solutions and results are required. A trained consultant helps you experience all the benefits of improvements without incurring extra payroll expenses.

Experienced consultants possess special diagnostic skills and insight that will boost the overall performance of cleaning crews. The consultant can focus on specific problems without being interrupted by day-to-day operations.

A cleaning audit usually begins with determining the quality assessment scores and productivity rates along with an in-depth analysis of the cleaning problems. At National Pro Clean we already have training manuals and videos prepared to train staff on the best cleaning practices. However, since each facility experiences unique demands, we adapt and customize specific cleaning processes to enhance quality and productivity. Troubleshooting is our strongest asset.

A recent survey indicated that one out of three facilities is not pleased with their current cleaning program or service. If you fall into that category, we can definitely turn it around for you. In fact, all of our clients experience a remarkable ROI (Return on Investment) when they engage our services to resolve all of their cleaning issues and challenges.

Last year we consulted with a large office facility and located twenty-six cleaning issues that were not being addressed. We showed the cause and solution for each quality breach. Then we offered thirty-two major techniques to improve cleaning productivity and save approximately $250,000 a year in cleaning labor.

We inspected and analyzed the cleaning operations for a private K-12 school and mapped out $90,000 in labor savings and provided in-depth training for the entire custodial staff. Once we personally demonstrated cost saving procedures, the staff was once again motivated to adapt to the new changes.

Why don’t you let us share how we can help you experience a hassle free and cost-effective cleaning operation?

Gary Clipperton, President of National Pro Clean with over 45-years’ experience is a turnaround expert. He can be reached at 719-598-5112 or gary@nationalproclean.com. Ask for your free copy of case study summaries and our report, 15 Steps to Improve Cleaning Productivity.