Cleaning Training Videos

Cleaning Videos for

  • Hospital and Health Care
  • Contract Cleaning Companies
  • Hospitality
  • Schools and colleges
  • Municipalities
  • Industrial facilities
  • Property management
  • Job training for incarcerated individuals

Nine Ways the Videos Can Transform Your Training Program

  • Informative, up-to-date videos manufactured by the leading producer of cleaning videotapes. Currently in use by over 10,000 organizations.
  • Visual presentations are proven to increase retention rates by 85%.
  • Standardizes training procedures for the entire staff.
  • Most custodial and housekeeping videos are also available in Spanish.
  • Interactive videos ask questions to maintain viewer attention.
  • Document employee training classes after videos are viewed.
  • Pre-screen potential employees allowing them to view the video displaying their particular job requirements. Experience indicates 25% will admit they are not suited for the job. Saves hiring the wrong people.
  • Endorsed by most major cleaning industry consultants and organizations.
  • Training procedures are recognized as a standard for the industry.

Recently Upgraded and Revised
– Custodial/Janitorial Training Videos!

Improve your cleaning operations with the latest training videos. Standardization and professionalization of your process will reduce worker labor and improve cleaning results.

  • Latest developments in cleaning equipment and processes are clearly demonstrated.
  • Interactive training DVD’s ask a question every couple of minutes to maintain the interest and attention of the viewer.
  • Standardization of Training means each trainee gets the same information in the same way. Consistency of training improves overall work-force performance.
  • Full-motion action shows how to accomplish various tasks required by subject matter.
  • Increased retention. When trainees are instructed by voice instructions only, they retain only about 12%. With full-motion digital DVD’s, retention is increased to 85%.
  • Employee investment. Employees perform better when they feel management is interested in their welfare. What better way to accomplish this than by showing them training videos that will help them be more prepared to do their job assignments?
  • Pre-qualification. Many organizations use our DVD’s to show new hires what will be expected of them on the job. After viewing a DVD, applicants are asked if they can perform up to the job standards depicted in the DVD. Excluding the untrainable workers will bring savings and reduce stress for your organization.

The Janitorial / Custodial Training Series is a complete custodial course consisting of fourteen videos and a comprehensive illustrated training manual. It provides documentation useful for OSHA inspections and personal injury lawsuits. It’s also helpful in organizing training programs, cross-training custodians, and evaluating the custodial workforce. The training manual includes a test and diploma for each video – to make employee recognition a part of your training program!

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