Cleaning Performance Handbook

Letters of Recommendation

“Thanks again Gary,  I believe the ideas you have are fantastic and I’ve already implemented the “pocket pal” and am also implementing the grading system that you recommend; i.e., “on a scale from 1 – 10…” and I’m sure that will also be a big help.  Keep looking up, the sky’s the limit!”

“I could tell when reading Gary’s new book, “Cleaning Performance Handbook,” that Gary is writing from his heart.  His goal is to share his wealth of knowledge with all those in the industry and now entering the industry.  As a JanSan author myself, I am proud to recommend this new book.”

“Cleaning Performance Handbook is probably the most comprehensive training manual ever written to help managers efficiently run their crews.

With limited experience I am already conducting training classes for other contractors using this dynamic book.  A must for everyone in the business.”

“Gary, what an excellent book!  This is a great training tool for first time supervisors as well as a wonderful refresher course for the supervisor or manager who has been around for a while.

The book is written in a language everyone can understand with step by step directions and common sense solutions.  That’s what makes this training manual a value-added must!”

“Gary, your Cleaning Performance Handbook has proven to be a very useful tool in building our business. As a small but growing building service contractor, the “Handbook” has let us put systems in place to aid in the growth and professionalism of our company. I would recommend it as a cost effective way to anyone looking to improve the operation of their business without having to reinvent the wheel.”

“I really liked your program, Cleaning Performance Handbook. Your handbook is the best reference that I have come across so far. I use it for training new hires at our school district.”


Cleaning Performance Handbook is an awesome training manual.   Your book was written to address quality from the customer’s point of view.  As contractors we often fail to recognize their view point because of our tireless physical labor.

It is an excellent guide for quality control and management steps.  In fact, it could pass as a college course.”

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