Janitorial Software + Mobile Management

48 second video overview

Managing Your Cleaning Operations Just Got Easier - with a powerful tool to boost your efficiency and profits!


Mobile Inspections

  • Track how well your cleaning crews are performing.
  • Spot and correct deficiencies promptly.
  • Create inspection plans in minutes.
  • Conduct custom inspections on your phone. Add comments and photos for improved reporting accuracy.
  • Monitor team performance to show your clients that you manage your crews proactively.
  • Unmatched workforce accountability.
  • Troubleshoot and solve problems before they escalate. Great tool to reduce complaints.
Mobile Cleaning Instructions
  • Detailed and accurate instructions for each cleaning task with unequaled clarity.
  • Instantly converted to any language.
  • Reduce mistakes, oversights, and misunderstood job assignments.
Problem Reporting
  • Employees can report concerns or problems 24/7.
  • Establish priorities so managers properly allocate their time. Brings control for problem resolution.
  • Always be on top of every situation, or cleaning need.
  • Enhanced collaboration prevents being blindsided.
Digital Log Book for Every Location
  • Allow customers to communicate their concerns 24/7.
  • Instant communications for everyone in the loop.
  • Prompt response times ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Anticipate, communicate, allocate, and regulate.
  • Conveniently keeps your finger on every account.
Scheduling on the Go
  • Create or change one time, or reoccurring schedules.
  • Unlimited staff and managers can be added.
  • Late alerts to you, or your supervisor if someone has not reported for work on time.
  • Sends a reminder to the worker who is late.
  • Keeps everyone on the same page, every day.
  • Takes the headache and hassles out of running crews.
Time Tracking
  • Quick and easy employee sign.
  • Location alerts for off-site sign in.
  • Schedule and Record cleaning time using our mobile, SMS or IVR (Landline) application.
  • Real-time Dashboard runs payroll in minutes.
Supply Tracking
  • Provide your team a simple way to request needed supplies at each location.
  • Eliminate complaints from running out of cleaning supplies or consumables.
  • Receive early notification of equipment or supplies that need attention.
A Virtual Assistant Inside Your Cell Phone
  • Freedom – to run your business from anywhere.
  • Reduce time lost in accessing a computer.
  • Keep a pulse on almost every aspect of your business.
  • View your labor hours in real-time by location.
  • Take control with enhanced management.
  • Always be two steps ahead of your competition.


Post as public restroom alert

Real-time Feedback
  • The public can use SMS or Voice IVR (Interactive Voice Response) to anonymously report problems or provide general feedback using SMS or simply calling the number provided.
  • The Swept system automatically replies to the person sending the text in real time, letting them know “We’re looking into the issue now”. Each submission will also ask them to rate the cleanliness of the location they're in.


Multi-lingual Communication

Cleaners are at the core of every successful cleaning company. The work they do is how your business provides. Swept helps reduce mistakes by providing your cleaning team with clear communication.


Identify issues... fast!

Many customer complaints have less to do with quality and more to do with communication. Swept allows cleaners to easily report problems during their shift.

Managers are notified immediately, allowing them to get in front of the issue before it's a problem. Each incident can be tracked to a successful resolution.


Swept Janitorial Software and Mobile Management System

  • Requests, follow-up and feedback is a snap.
  • You will wonder how you ever got along without it.
  • Your cleaning workers and clients will love it, and believe you are the most organized manager in the business.


Request a demo today and get ready to:

  • Streamline your operations
  • Increase efficiency and accountability
  • Enhance customer satisfaction levels
  • Enjoy a proven system that curtails paperwork
  • Land more accounts by showing how your Swept management system addresses all the needed concerns
  • Improve your profits

This Software includes a FREE Bonus of our Cleaning Performance Handbook (250-page eBook for managers) and The Cleaning Manager's Dashboard (tracks all of your marketing efforts, your bidding, billing, customer follow-up, employee payroll, expenses, profits, inventory, and even rates your business management progress).

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