Testimonies of Customers that Love JanBid

“Just received your JanBid and WOW! What a deal, so easy and straight forward. Now I have a way to know what I should charge! That has been a bit of a stumbling block for me at times.  Like many others that’s always hard to figure and be fair to yourself and the customer, even after 10 years in the business.  But JanBid makes it happen quite easily.  Thanks again for all your years of experience and being willing to share the inside information with us.”

William Kerr
Hygienic Genies
Denver, Colorado

"Dear Mr. Clipperton,

I’ve been in the cleaning business for over eight years now, but still found myself engaging in a great deal of guesswork with each proposal I put together.  I’ve looked at other bidding programs over the years, but have not found them to be very accurate or useful, in spite of their price tag.

I have found Jan Bid to be easy to use, and surprisingly accurate.  Since purchasing the program, I have been using Jan Bid for all of my janitorial bids and will continue to do so.


Joshua Bowe
Minneapolis, MN.

“I really like your Jan Bid Software.  I’ve looked at other bid programs but for what I am doing, this is the greatest and its very user friendly.  Thanks for putting so much time and effort into such a great product.”

Donna H.
Time Solutions
Gresham, Oregon

"Gary Thank you very much for your great customer service.Our person in charge of janitorial services left without notice and this job has fallen into my hands.  I do not know very much about figuring janitorial prices so I ordered your program. Overnight I have learned a great deal and I now feel somewhat comfortable in giving reliable estimates.  You have exceeded my expectations!"

Ralph W.
Goodwill Industries,

"I’ve ordered both the Janitorial Success course and the Jan-Bid estimating program and can say that these materials are very impressive in their scope and professionalism.  They take a lot of the guesswork out of the start-up phase of your business by addressing common questions that you may have.

They are worth many times more than Gary is charging for them.  I would strongly encourage anyone interested in starting a commercial cleaning business, to run, don’t walk, to order Gary’s products, you won’t be disappointed.

Gary’s products are also very helpful for anyone who’s been working in the cleaning industry and is looking to supplement their knowledge and increase the bottom line for their business.

I have spoken to Gary on a number of occasions and can honestly say that Gary is in a class by himself when it comes to supporting his products.  You won’t come across a more unselfish, helpful person than Gary, in the cleaning industry, or otherwise.He and all of his materials come with my highest recommendation."

Ryan Via

"I have been using Jan Bid for a little while now and it has saved me from not only low bidding, but taking the guess out of bidding a building. My business is fairly new.  I have the skills to do all the work required, but my bidding skills were not where they needed to be because in my area there are a many large cleaning contractors.  Jan Bid helps me stay up with the big boys."

Timothy R. Elam
Field Day Services, LLC
Charleston, SC


we just landed our first contract using Jan Bid and for the price you suggested.  The customer is pleased with our work
and now we are working on other bids using your software. Thanks for your advice.  You have helped send us on our way."

Angela Churchill
HouseCare, Inc.
Arlington, VA


I purchased your Jan Bid software about 2 months ago.  Just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with it.  Bids usually come out about the same as the other method I was using but gives a much better detailing of time and  expenses."

Jim Watters
Watters Maintenance
Batavia, IL

"I have just starting using JanBid for my service and already landed two nice contracts from it.  You have an excellent tool that any contractor can use.  I have found JanBid makes me a better contractor and keeps my customers happy.  Thank you for all the advice."

Mark Zolezi
All Star Cleaning Concepts
Toms River, NJ

"The products developed by Gary Clipperton are life saving in the competitive business we find ourselves in.  He not only takes the guesswork out of job bidding but shows the profit immediately to be made on each client. His knowledge of the business is remarkable and he was so willing to share it with me.  I only wish I would of found his programs sooner.

Gary keep up the good work.  I can not wait to see what you come up with next to make my business excel further."

Lisa Fazzone
Fazzone Cleaning Company
Venice, FL

"Dear Gary,

I have been in the commercial cleaning business for two years including owning a cleaning franchise.  After purchasing your JanBid Software and evaluating my accounts I realized they were under bid and paying me very little profit.  After waiting for my non-compete agreement to expire, I am ready to go again.  By using JanBid I can eliminate low bids, uncertain guesswork and the disappearance of profits.

By being able to view the projected labor and all expenses, I can offer a win/win situation for me and the customer.  Thank you
Gary for sharing your invaluable bidding secrets and keep up the good work.

Warmest Regards,"

Micro Cleans
Northern Illinois

"I can’t say enough about JanBid Software; it’s made commercial office bidding so much easier and it’s so accurate! Gary Clipperton has been so kind, helpful and patient every time, I have emailed him with a question or talked to him over the phone.

Spencer Williams
Dust Be Gone Cleaning Services
Savannah, GA

"Gary and the National Pro Clean Corp. have been a great asset to my company. With Janbid not only am I able to deliver a competitive bid within 24hrs, but so far my bids have been right on the MONEY!!  With the use of this Janbid software along with the help and wisdom of Gary, you can’t go wrong.

Thanks Gary for creating such a great product."

Channing Hall

"Gary, please warn your customers for me. I was part of a leading franchise which turned out to be a total rip off.  The accounts were bid way too low and the franchise kept over 25% of my pay each month for their administrative purposes.  Now that I have your program, I am landing my own accounts and keeping 100% of the money.

Please don’t use my name as I have already been to court once with these crooks."

Relieved in Denver

"Gary, your software is fantastic.  We’re just starting in the business and as I was preparing to sign a lease for some office space, the building owner asked me to submit a bid to clean his office building.  I was taken back and really needed some help in a hurry. Your software got me through a rough start and on the way to my first successful bid (hopefully)."

Mike Campbell
The Cleaning Force

"Hi Gary,

I was a franchisee for one of the big national Cleaning Franchises.  I was really fed up with not having control over the contracts I got and the amount of money I received.  I purchased your Jan Bid software and Janitorial Success Manual.  I landed my first contract only a few weeks after I reviewed the Janitorial Success Manual.  I’m sure I got the contract due to the knowledge I got from the Manual and from using Jan Bid software in my bid.  Because of your help, whenever I make a bid I no longer feel overwhelmed.  Thanks for providing great information at a fair price."

Ron P

"Hello Gary…  I bought your program several months ago and I wanted to thank you.  I found it very informative and interesting."

Ted B.
Baldwinsville, NY

"Jan Bid has been extremely helpful for me and my company, considering I did not have any experience in bidding.  I am now learning how to master the task of biding, thanks to Gary’s user friendly software (Jan Bid).  Last week I just landed my first contract using JanBid.  In addition to the Jan Bid software, Gary’s over the phone coaching has surpassed all of my expectations.  Thanks again Gary for all of your help.

Your friend in business,"

Clarence Peacock
Spotless Solutions Cleaning Company
Marietta, Ga 30067

"Hello Gary,

After careful evaluations of janitorial softwares from all over the internet, I have found yours to be the most in depth, easy to understand bidding software.  In addition your customer service has been unmatched and I would recommend this product to anyone really serious about starting a janitorial business or simply taking their current business to the next level."

Andre Wheatley
White Glove Facility Services

"Dear Gary,

In April of this year we purchased your JanBid Estimating Software.  We purchased the complete CD with the manual.  We wanted to improve the way we were bidding our janitorial services and become more professional and accurate.  Our old way of bidding was to walk through a building and figure how long it would take us, how many employees were needed, and how much we thought we could get for the entire job.  Needless to say, this way left out many things that took time to clean that were not priced into the job but had to be done or lose the contract.  In addition, many of our customers requested jobs to be priced by the square foot and we were not set up to give them an accurate number.  While we did get many jobs and did make some money along the way, it was not consistent.  Especially when you are in a small town and everyone knows one another and compares prices.  The other problem we faced was the time spent putting a quotation together; it would take us sometimes days because of the various options customers were requesting.

In April of this year all that changed.  We took the step to become more professional with our quotes and presentations to our customers.  I did my homework and looked at all of the different programs and options many vendors were offering.  None seem to do what we were looking for and for a reasonable price until, we found JanBid.

One of the deciding factors was that we needed support.  We had never used something like this and wanted to make sure it was going to do everything we were told it would do.  Your company told us they were just a phone call away and could help even with an actual bid.

Well here we are in October 2008, six months later as an extremely satisfied user.  When we got the software and the manual we were able to get started immediately.  We started with our current customers, and were amazed by how quickly it computed how much we should be charging.  This included all of the labor, chemicals, overhead and most of all the profit.  In some cases we found that we were just breaking even or sometimes even losing a little.  JanBid figures out all of the things we were leaving out and most importantly all of the profit we were missing out on.  After going through our customer base and bringing up all of our customers to a “more profitable” level we have started to grow.

JanBid has brought several new customers, some of them even national.  Ever since we have been using JanBid we have not lost a single quote to a competitor.  JanBid allows us to offer more options to the customer that we could have never done before.  The best part of all of the software is how quickly you can deliver a bid.  The entire quote is done with this software, and JanBid provides a more professional quote with more information and professionalism than our competition.

The price we paid for the complete package was paid for on the first bid we were awarded.  JanBid has everything we need to be more professional and allows us to make sure we are profitable and continue to grow.  When we first started using JanBid we had 18 employees cleaning, thanks to JanBid in six months we have increased the number of offices we clean and are now up to 39 employees and we will be adding an additional six this coming week.

Thank you for your product!  It has truly changed our business for the better and is allowing us to reach our goals faster.  Thank you for helping our business become a better business.


Christopher G. Bluvas
President Mid-Atlantic Janitorial


I want to thank you and National Pro Clean for putting together a high-quality training and bid software package that is more than affordable.  I’ve had an existing part-time cleaning company for 8 years and decided to grow the business.  This program, not only gave me the confidence but it gave me knowledge, speed and accuracy. The week after I finished the program I picked up 8 carpet jobs that I was confident they were priced right and I will do a better job cleaning the carpets.  The Bid Software has relieved so much of the pricing stress when quoting on jobs.  I’m finding I can immediately turn around pricing same or next day, with literature that helps sell the job.  Great Product! I’d recommend your product to anyone looking to start or grow an existing cleaning business.

Keep up the great work,"

John Partenio
Crystal Clean, LLC

"Hi Gary, Just wanted to thank you for the time you spent with me over the phone helping me with a bid.  I have bought many things over the net that offered support but never received it when was needed. I must say you are the first that I know that backs their product to the fullest. You spent over an hour with me with my quote.  JanBid is the best software I have seen and I know it works.  I used it for the first time and with your help I won my first biggest account of 7 years in business.  It was a 17,000 sq ft. building.  I have never before been able to compete with the so called big boys until I used JanBid.  If anyone wants to know if Jan Bid works give them my email.  At the end of this month I will take a new check to the bank compliments of JanBid.

Thanks Gary, talk with you soon I hope."

Stanley Gordon
S&G Commercial Services

"To whom it may concern,

Hello, my name is Bennie. I would like to thank Mr. Gary for his support in helping me restore my faith in the cleaning business. I owned a Jan**** Franchise for 15 years and could have done better working a ten dollar an hour job.

Before I considered purchasing the Jan Bid Software, Gary helped me along the way and gave me information worth thousands in the franchise business. The software is outstanding; it will give you a precise bid if you plug in the numbers right. Being able to bid your accounts properly will keep you in business.

Many thanks to Gary."

Fayetteville, NC

"Hi Gary,

I just wanted to send you a message about your software, JanBid, I had purchased from your company.  Well, I found it very easy to use.  I printed out the worksheet that you take to the walk through.  I counted and measured everything that it applied to, very easy, and went back to the office and plugged in the numbers.  Again, very easy to do, and Walla, everything came to life.  I tweaked it a bit as it teaches you and came up with the bid.  I hit print and I received a very professional bid package that I presented to my client.

They came back to me with a big YES, we are going to go with your bid, as in their words, It was a no brainier. They never received such a thorough bid package before, and that is what sold them.  I want to thank you for your time in discussing the program with me. It is nice to know that you are that accessible.  I will be using JanBid on all of my bids, no matter how big or small the account calls for.  I would recommend this program to anyone that wants to get a handle on preparing accurate bids in a very efficient time.


Bert Presant
New York

"Your bid program helped us secure our first contract three years ago.  Jan Bid is easy to use and allows for a professional presentation to customers.  Your tech support access is only surpassed by your willingness to discuss industry trends and provide helpful advice to Jan Bid users.  You have a solid product; aided by a helpful support system.


Durell Hall, Jr.
President, Metropolitan Cleaning Service, LLC
Louisville, KY

"Hi Gary! I love JanBid! It is easy to use and makes me look so much more professional!  Bids are easier and more accurate than ever!  My company and clients love the flyers, the contract, and the look so much better than before.  I recommend JanBid to all janitorial companies.  It works and makes getting contracts so much easier, faster, and more professional.  Thanks
again Gary!"

Duane and January Arena
Arena’s Cleaning Service
Vista, Ca 92085

"Hi Gary,

My wife and I just recently purchased your Janbid software and we are extremely pleased with it.  We have had a wonderful experience working with you.  We appreciate the good customer service and prompted response to all of our questions and concerns. We will recommend your services and software to anyone and speak highly of it.  Thank you for all of your help.


Mike and Tamika Jackson
S. O. S Janitorial
Atlanta, GA

"Having built a successful business around specialized cleaning processes, we were looking to expand into the market of janitor services.  I was looking for a bidding and proposal software package that would minimize guess work, standardize bid processes and remove emotional bidding from my proposal work.  I purchased a copy of JanBid from Gary Clipperton at National Pro Clean.  I quickly realized this as a robust software package with enough detail and tools to coach my work and enough flexibility to shape the software to my company’s unique needs.  In addition, each time I called Gary he helped me with not only use of the software but suggested language and sales tactics to win contracts.  Using JanBid, and Gary’s advice, doors are being opened that are allowing me to expand my business. In addition, Gary’s customer service sets the standard.


Eric Nei, Owner
Clean As Can Be Services
Woodruff, WI


I wish to thank you very much for your program! Since we have been using JanBid, we have secured over 85,000 square feet of office buildings to clean and maintain. This program is awesome. All the extras in your new upgrade are great.  We were assuming that any new upgrades were going to have an upgrade fee, but to our surprise there were none!  This is superior support to say the least! We are looking forward to our next bid; it will be a breeze to do. Thanks so much for this superior program."


Frankie Boothman
A&B Professional Cleaning and Concierge Services, LLC


I just wanted to let you know that we just landed a private elementary school K thru 5th grade using the numbers provided and your JanBid software.  The labor times were right on, we tweaked the hourly price slightly to make sure our quote was competive. But any how just wanted to let you know we’re experiencing success with your system.  Thanks a lot.

Best Regards,"

Danerico Anderson
ANC Custodial Services, LLC

"Dear Mr. Clipperton,

Thank-you very much for creating JanBid.  Having this tool and the information in your book has given me confidence in the accuracy of my bids.  Your help in answering all of my questions has been very helpful.  I feel my bids are accurate and professional.
The materials are great!  I would recommend JanBid to new owners and veterans.  I got the very first bid I created with JanBid and feel confident I will get the next one in only a week or so of owning JanBid.


Shannon Riedel
Office Cleaners, L.L.C.
Wichita, KS

"Wow! Gary your free, new upgrade on JanBid is Awesome!  I am truly impressed by your knowledge and professional approach to the cleaning business.  I have researched several expensive inadequate programs that have continuous monthly fees, and cannot justify them.  I love that over the years you have responded to my questions quickly to help this young entrepreneur learn and grow his business for success.  Your emails have been an amazing resource to me.

I looked at the original version that I purchased, being the 2005 version, and over the years you have made incredible advancements.  I live in a market that is under-established and struggles with bidding wars.  This program has sped up the bidding process saving me tons of money in time.  JanBid has set me apart from my competitors for years, and now with your new version for many years to come.  Gary you are truly an asset to my company and wouldn’t trade you for anything! Thank you so much for being so personal and helpful in a difficult industry.  These qualities that you have demonstrated to me have truly made you a leader in this industry.  I hope that I can meet you one day so that I might thank you in person.Please, also if you are still doing your e-mailing list please add me to it, for it was attached to my old email account and I have been missing out on it. Thank you so much!"

Keith Orgain
General Manager
Advanced Cleanup, Inc.
East New Market, MD

"Good evening Gary.  I’m sorry to email you so late at night but, I just could not wait until Monday to contact you. I have
spent hours examining and learning so much!

I can’t find seem to find the words needed to thank you for this wealth of knowledge that you have poured into the JanBid & Janitorial Success programs.  This system goes beyond a normal A thru Z how to guide for achievement. The sky is the limit when it comes to where I can take my Cleaning Business.

Thank you Gary, your system has any and every form or scenario that I will ever need!! Thanks again and have a great weekend."

Charles Chism
St. Louis, MO

"Hi Gary,

Thanks for reviewing my JanBid numbers. The customer accepted both the construction clean and the janitorial contract. Later in the week they are going to request some additional services from the Spec Chart (great for me), so the pricing will increase.

They loved your JanBid Spec Chart compared to the other company.  I was told the competition was not as well prepared and only gave them a proposal with pricing but no specifics. Plus when the competition did the walk through they spent about 5 minutes unlike we did. My foreman and I really inspected the place.  Your bidding system is certainly growing my business.

Thank you,"

Yorlenis Alexis
Y and J Pro Cleaning
New Jersey

"Hi Gary,

I just wanted to mention at how thankful I was to have stumbled on to the JanBid software created by Gary at National Pro Clean Corp.  Not only did his JanBid software peak my interest, but as I navigated through National Pro Clean’s website, I found a link for the Contractor Start Up & Expansion Program with the JanBid software bundled together.  With all that was being offered, I figured that this much information would be such a wise investment, how could I not spend the money now in order to save myself the costly mistakes my wife and I would have made already learned by Gary and his company with the many years of being in the industry.  It only makes sense to go along with a proven successful method at someone else’s expense, rather than having to make several costly trial and error mistakes yourself. This is after all why proper training exists for all jobs and or careers.  If you think about it, it’s kind of like repairing a car. You can throw money, parts and your labor at it all day long, but if you had the know how, and the exact root cause of the problem, wouldn’t it just make more sense to get the job done right the first time? I think so. Thank you so much Gary, my wife and I love the software and knowledge your company has brought to the table for our business."

Exult Cleaning Services
Austin, TX

"Hello Gary,

We want to let you know that we got the account that you helped us with.  It was a complex bid, and we thank you for your support."

Oscar Ornelas
Professional Team Cleaning Service
Los Angeles, CA

"I want to thank Mr. Gary Clipperton from National Pro Clean for helping  me in providing a bid for a customer of mine.  Mr. Clipperton was nice enough to walk me through his JanBid  2013, to explain to me in detail the science of providing a very detailed bid.  Gary is very professional and knowledgeable person, in the janitorial industry. I felt more confidence in myself after speaking with Gary. JanBid is a very detailed software. Thanks for the help.”

Roland Cordero
Burbank, CA

"Dear Mr. Clipperton,

I have nothing but compliments for your Jan Bid software and YOU.  As a new business owner, I was asked to bid two buildings for a combined 12,500 square feet.  Needless to say, their asking me for blood-borne pathogen standards on top of this was a bit daunting!  Once I purchased your bidding software, everything became much more clear.  I could give a bid for which I was assured not to lose money.  The most amazing part?  Mr. Clipperton spent an hour on the phone with me, answering my every question.  I am confident now that I will be making many more successful bids in the future.

Thank you again Mr. Clipperton!


Debra J. Ellsworth,
PowerHouse Clean, LLC
West Allis, WI


Man! you’re the best! I just purchased the JanBid bidding software, after spending countless hours and ruining my forth of July trying to staff and cost a few proposals that were due on 8 July. After much frustration I begin searching online for a bidding software, there was some I already knew of but JanBid appeared to be more user friendly and affordable.  After the purchase you contacted me with assistance right from the start.  I received the software and begin learning the program while working on my bid proposal.  I was not confident that I had my information right, I needed assistance, I called Gary.  It was a bit late, but this man spent hours on the phone and with patiences, guided me through the process with ease. Thank you!  This program is a life changer for
me!  As a Disable-Combat Veteran I say to you Gary!  Airborne!! all the Way!! AHOOOH!!!"

Alex McArthur
ME2cleaningservices05 LLC
Fayetteville/Fort Bragg, NC

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The above testimonies were from customers who submitted their endorsements freely and without any compensation. They are examples of customers who implemented our training programs in a specific manner.  The results you experience may depend upon how you use the product purchased.

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