Floor Care Training Manual - Preview

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Floor Care Training Manual
Table of Contents:
Programmed Floor Care Page 4
Proper matting Page 5
Preventative maintenance checklist Page 6
Dust-mopping Page 8
Wet-mopping Page 12
Troubleshooting wet mopping problems Page 21
Floor types Page 22
Burnishing and buffing floors Page 28
Troubleshooting buffing problems Page 39
Scrub and top-coat Page 42
Strip and refinish Page 50
Stripping chemical safety Page 50
Stripping procedures Page 58
Stripping with an automatic scrubber Page 63
New VCT Page 68
Troubleshooting strip and refinish Page 70
Floor Care Quality Inspection Scorecard Page 73
Wood floor maintenance Page 74
Marble and stone care Page 77
Concrete Page 79
Rubber floors Page 80
No-wax floors Page 81
Grout cleaning of stone floors Page 82
Additional floor care tips Page 89
Glossary Page 93
Test Page 100
Diploma sample Page 103