Consulting Services - Letters of Recommendation





"Hi Gary,

I just wanted to mention at how thankful I was to have stumbled on to the JanBid software created by you at National Pro Clean Corp. Not only did his JanBid software peak my interest, but as I navigated through National Pro Cleans website, I found a link for the Contractor Start Up & Expansion Program with the JanBid software bundled together.

With all that was being offered, I figured that this much information would be such a wise investment, how could I not spend the money now in order to save myself the costly mistakes my wife and I would have made already learned by Gary and his company with the many years of being in the industry. It only makes sense to go along with a proven successful method at someone else’s expense, rather than having to make several costly trial and error mistakes yourself. This is after all why proper training exists for all jobs and or careers.

Thank you so much Gary, my wife and I love the software and knowledge your company has brought to the table for our business."

Christian Barrett
Exult Cleaning Services
Austin, TX


thanks for your personal help on the recent construction clean bid. The numbers you suggested were right on and I was awarded the contract. Your fliers, contract and supporting materials were excellent. My investment in your programs has more than paid off on just my first job.”

Derrick L Samuel
Washington, D.C.